Kuddar är väl ingen konst

The participants from Textil Gotland

My pillow "Happy, happy"

My pillows "Ebb" and " We are all breathing the same air"

Interior from the exhibition hall with pillows on wooden stand

Another interior with my pillows in foreground.

From the opening

Utställningen "Kuddar är väl ingen konst" på Bläse Kalkbruksmuseum med Textil Gotland. Sommaren 2014. 26 deltagare visade 1-3 kuddar var av varierande tekniker. Jag deltog med 3 tovade och broderade kuddar.

The exhibition "Pillows aren't Art, are they?" on Bläse Limequarry museum on the island of Gotland, arranged by Textile Gotland. 26 participants showed 1-3 pillows each In various textile techniques. I took part with 3 felted and embroidered pillows.