Tovningskurser i Rute

11. Maj, 2022

18-23Juni med Charity van der Meer

Välkomna till min ateljé i Rute på Gotland!

Öppet under Öppna Ateljéer Gotland under Kristi Himmelsfärds helgen och efter överenskommelse. Ring eller maila!


Bäährit och Mäährit hälsar dig välkommen!

Tovade och snickrade i naturlig storlek!

  • VILDA Dog coats

    Personalised felted coats for your dog. Warm and unique!

  • Creatures

    Lots of different creatures. Lately it has been a fishy period...

  • Wall hangings

    Some of my latest big wallhangings. I also make to order if you want something similar, but I never make exactly the same motif twice.

My name is Monika Wernhoff and I am a textile artist specializing in wool felting. I mostly do pictures and objects and find inspiration in my surroundings, above all from nature.